At Jailhouse Pizza you will dine in what once was the old Meade County Jail.

Welcome to the Historic Jailhouse Pizza!


The Jail, built in 1906 housed many unsavory characters throughout it's years. One of the most notable was Hank Williams, Sr. Another notable name that passed
through this area of Meade County was John Hunt Morgan (Morgan's Raiders). Outlaws Jesse and Frank James were guests of the Old Meade County Hotel on Main
Street, which was present in the 1800's.


We do have some inmates that have decided to not leave. One being dubbed Bigsby seems to still roam the jail. From time to time you might just see or hear things
that can't be explained. If you do experience something, please let us know. We love to hear the stories.


Be sure to walk around and soak in all the history that our restaurant has to offer!!!