2 People, 12lbs of Pizza, and 60 minutes!


A team of 2 has 60 minutes to complete the entire pizza to receive ultimate Jailhouse Pizza fame!! This pizza is 30 inches big, weighing in at approximately 12lbs, and your team will have 60 minutes to stomach the whole pie.


If you complete the challenge, your meal is absolutely free and your teams photograph will be placed on the JailHouse Pizza Hall of Fame. Fail to complete the challenge and suffer the Death Row sentence of paying the bill and being sent to the Wall of Shame!!


Cost if not finished is $60 to perform the challenge and you will also receive two free Jailhouse Pizza tshirts whether you finish it or not!! We don't think you will by the way



Reservations must be made 24 hrs in advance and we recommend Sunday - Thursday for booking your challenge. We do not accept challenges for Friday and Saturday due to the preparation and accommodations to other guests.


50% Deposit has to be made in order to secure this challenge.


A release waiver must be signed in order to compete in this challenge.

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